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Play Therapy 

Play Therapy is used to help children who suffer from a range of difficulties. From anxieties, difficulty managing emotions and regulating responses to conflict, learning needs and trauma. 

Play allows children to express their concerns through a medium that they are comfortable using.   It is non-directive and approachable form of therapy.

Play Therapy: About Us


As any teacher knows, social and emotional learning is such an integral part of child development.  But with planning, marking and actually teaching classes, there is not alway time to commit the necessary energy to SEL, differentiating work for SEN students, PSHE, behavioural support and emotional regulation.  


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Yoga, movement and  Mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness present integral areas of learning  for children and adults.  As a yoga teacher and practitioner I have seen and felt the benefits yoga can bring to our lives.

Practical Play offers bespoke yoga sessions for caregivers and babies, children and adults.

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If you think a student at your school would benefit from Play Therapy, click the contact us button and to arrange a call.

Need training, mentoring or student workshops? Contact Practical Play to find out about our variety of training opportunities.

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